What is the "Lose 20 Pound Promise?"

Confidence is putting your money where your mouth is.

We are so proud of our ChiroThin program, and have such confidence in our success rate, that your second round is on us if you don't lose at least 20 pounds. Here's some of the details:

The ChiroThin Weight Loss Program is a doctor-supervised weight loss program that is designed to maximize weight loss by using specific combinations and blends of specific low glycemic index/anti-inflammatory foods in combination with the ChiroThin nutritional support formula. The program is six (6) weeks in duration. If the patient does not lose at least 20 pounds during the six (6) week program, the patient will receive one (1) additional six (6) week program at no additional charge.

Let's face it, in order to be eligible for The Lose 20 Pounds Promise, the patient must agree to follow the program as directed. If you cheat, the deal is off. However, to date, we have never had to pay up on this promise. The fact is, the program just works too well! If you let us help you, and can follow our directions, you WILL lose the weight.