Tired of Diets & Exercise Not Working?

Average Weight Loss of 20-35 Pounds in Just Six Weeks!*

Knowledgeable Expertise


Our doctors have over 40 years of combined experience. With our years of success and experience, we have developed a team that is capable of explaining our weight loss plan in a way that you can understand and get the most out of. To ensure the best results for our patients, we will work with you to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals. 


Real Food & No Exercise


No shakes, pre-packaged foods, or cardboard flavorless meals here! Weight loss is achieved through good food readily available from your local grocery. And flavor it up! Spices and flavors are not only allowed but encouraged.

No exercise necessary. In fact, for the six weeks actively on the plan, exercise is somewhat discouraged.

Full Service Guidance


 Our weight loss specialists will work with you to explain our custom program that will address your specific needs and goals. Our experienced team is equipped with knowledge to provide you with an understanding of your weight loss plan and answers to all your questions. 

Phone App/Online Tracking means you can easily log your progress, communicate with the doctor, get advice, etc.